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Hypnosis can by-pass automatic reactions or resistance, successfully reprogram past limiting beliefs, childhood tapes, and shift this valuable energy toward your dreams and aspirations.

The truth of who you are lives here, within the subconscious, beyond your conscious limitations. The truth is that you are worthy of your dreams, your ambitions and your personal goals beyond whatever or whoever might have unintentionally programmed otherwise. 

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​Specializing in the Correction
​of Anxiety & Panic Attacks

Time to stop merely managing anxiety & panic attacks with medications and resume control of your life and how you live it.

Your subconscious mind is an amazing tool, again, it is where your programming or conditioning automatically allows you to effortlessly do what you need to do, such as driving. Each time you get behind the wheel you do not need to relearn how to operate the vehicle, it's a conditioned behavior and without thinking, easily go about your business.

For the best results, remember, hypnosis does not make you do anything. It simply helps you relax that compulsive feeling and reminds you of what you consciously want to do.

When you are relaxed, your mind communicates differently. When hypnosis is applied it can change a habit into a choice. Hypnosis works in direct proportion to your level of motivation. You cannot be hypnotized to do something you don't want to do! It must be a personal choice and personally desired. Hypnosis works on your level of motivation, no one else's.

If you compare hypnosis to a computer, you can see that both are capable of processing billions of bits of information. Hypnosis can help you rewrite these undesired habits into new programs that you can use in any way you choose. It can help you achieve whatever you want to consciously accomplish.

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The Healing Quest

Introduction of Services

Hypnosis is the most powerful tool of the human consciousness. Our power, choice and decisions emerge at the intersection of the conscious and subconscious realms, manifesting our individual lives. Hypnosis allows a direct link to the conscious and subconscious mind where learning, behavior and beliefs guide our actions, reactions and ability to expand upon our dreams, opportunity and personal goals.

Hypnotherapy provides a safe, comfortable space to combine conscious desires with your inner-most beliefs making changes possible at the subconscious level. It is sometimes called our "success mechanism". It allows our innate abilities to move us quickly and completely in positive directions, expanding beyond former limiting boundaries.

At The Office

​Your session begins with a consultation and mutually agreed upon goals. The consultation is important to discuss and pinpoint your goals and desires. A unique session is then designed and tailored to your individual needs. You will also learn self-hypnosis. Expect a good experience to initiate your goals. With further sessions you will know what to expect and have further success.

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