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Words that Empower:“Enough-ism, blaze a unique trail" vol VI
“Honor, Value & Integrity” vol VIII

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(8) Words that Empower

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Optimize your success in life, personally & professionally

Release inhibitions, increase motivation and reach your goals and desires to maximum efficiency.

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A Mind-Spa hypnosis session will rebalance your hormonal, nervous and chemical systems, it's like a massage from the inside out! You will use your powerful mind to eliminate or control the stresses in your life. You will tame overwhelming thoughts and anxieties. It is time to control your mind, not your mind to control and limit you!​

"You are an unending horizon"

Mind-Spa Ultimate Healing CD - The Chattering Brain

Can't shut off your mind? Are unrelenting, racing thoughts stressing you out? Are you unable to focus or sleep? Are you gaining weight, feeling tired or just exhausted? The Healing Quest can help! Gain control of your mind and relieve your anxieties with Mind-Spa Ultimate Healing. You may no be able to control some of the circumstances in your life at the moment, but you can gain control of you! Experience the ultimate relaxation while releasing emotional & physiological debris.

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Words that Empower word search puzzles utilizes a subtle form of NLP (Neural linguistic programming), waking meditation, visualization and affirmations. It is said it takes 88-1000 times repeating an affirmation for it to begin to manifest in your life. These puzzles, through the continual hunting for the word-lines automatically takes care of that issue. Also note that once you have glanced at the puzzle box, your subconscious has already solved the puzzle. Allow words to "appear" to you. Nothing is truly hidden between what we call the conscious and subconscious.

It's simply focus and attention. Each puzzle has been carefully crafted to enhance potent attributes within you, to affirm, validate and gently assist shifting a self-limiting perception.

​There are currently seven books and Interactive CDs in the series to choose from. You can purchase the books and CDs separately or in sets.

You can also do puzzles online through a subscription service at www.empowerpuzzles.com. Just click on the link to visit the site and find out more information.

Words that Empower Puzzle Series Books & CDs - Volumes  2 through 8

Your Callings Volume VII:- Secret Mind Transformation to Increase Intention, Intuition and Consciousness

Sometimes it takes us many years before we realize how unique and gifted in our own respects we truly are.

In this world, there is none other like you, there never was, and there never will be again. You serve a unique purpose. Comparison only works if you "aspire" to another's example. Otherwise you are wasting precious time. Adore all that makes you different. Remember, you are more than the sum total of your parts. Delight in the fact that the true gifts in life are our abilities to make choices and changes. Nothing is truly static. Look at Nature, she'll show you everything you need to know and remember.

You are an unending horizon.

Books & CDs by Kate Ellis

Section I.   Self-knowledge and self-respect
Section II.   Behavior, action and results
Section III.  Values, Principles and Standards

Section IV.  Learning, Consciousness and Personal Growth
Section V.  Integrating Self, Values and Behaviors

New Words that Empower
Honor, Value & Integrity Volume VIII

Volume VIII contains puzzles that cover the entire range of ideas relating to knowing your self, personal aspirations and potential, choice and commitment, virtue and honor, and ethics. When you complete these puzzles you will understand yourself better and your actions will reflect that understanding.

​The puzzles are organized to facilitate the discovery process.  
There are four topical sections plus a fifth summary section.

"Did You Know" offers considerable value... if you are willing to do the work, learn about yourself and extract the value. The book is brief. There are many pages with one or two ideas, and others with a set of words and phrases. I want to emphasize that because it  is why this book can be more valuable for you.

This is a book that you need to carry around with a notebook (paper or electronic), and then you read and re-read and write (or dictate.) You will get a lot of value, not because you agree with the material, but because you use it as a foil to arrive at your own conclusions.

For me, that is why Kate's "Did You Know" has more practical importance than most best-selling books relating to self-growth and personal development.

Dr Jim Namaste

When I started reading "Did You Know," I immediately thought of Eckhart Tolle and "Power of Now" and how much better Kate Ellis' little book is,especially in a practical way.  Mind you, this is just after reading a page. How did I know? Mostly because I know Kate Ellis fairly well and I took a bit of time to investigate Mr. Tolle when I first looked at his work.

The image that comes to mind in comparing "Did You Know" with "Power of Now" is that of swimming in deep waters versus stepping through a shallow pond. As you can imagine they are very different experiences and each has its own value and reward.  It appears that Tolle wrote and worked his book to become a popular spiritual author. He succeeded in that.