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You are a unique person, with unique life experiences. Kate designs your counseling hypnotherapy sessions specifically created for you to reach and obtain your most cherished goals and aspirations.

Your first session is intensive, not your run of the mill 50 minutes. Anticipate up to 3 hours for orientation. And if we decide to move forward, your first hypnotherapy session shall follow. You will then know exactly what to anticipate for the next session, with a thorough understanding of counseling & hypnotherapy experience is. You will achieve results from the very first session.  Following sessions are up to 2 hours.

Our work together is not a band-aid placed over a gaping wound, we go to the place within you holding patterns of behaviors, beliefs and shift that valuable energy towards your ultimate sense of balance and well being, mastering your mind, not being mastered by it.

Clients successfully achieve freedom from  Anxiety/Panic dis-orders, including; OCD, Procrastination & Depression, Stress, social anxiety, generalized anxiety including remission of many stress related disorders including Crohns, Ileitus & Colitus disorders, IBS, Pain management, and Inflammatory conditions, insomnia & sleep disturbances. Counseling Hypnotherapy aids in habit control, cravings, motivation, behavior modification and techniques of self-hypnosis are some of the profound skills taught and acquired, a tool bag in effect for her clients. Most clients goals are achieved is 3 sessions, for others it's 7-12, such as OCD or dual diagnosis, such as depression/addictions, which can be substances, food, people/unhealthy relationships.

​Specializing in Relief & Remission of Anxiety & Panic Attacks

After first session you will rarely if ever have a full blown anxiety/panic attack again. 3-7 sessions and they are done, gone, finite.

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Introduction of Services

Hypnosis is the most powerful tool of the human consciousness. Our power, choice and decisions emerge at the intersection of the conscious and subconscious realms, manifesting our individual lives. Hypnosis allows a direct link to the conscious and subconscious mind where learning, behavior and beliefs guide our actions, reactions and ability to expand upon our dreams, opportunity and personal goals.

Hypnotherapy provides a safe, comfortable space to combine conscious desires with your inner-most beliefs making changes possible at the subconscious level. It is sometimes called our "success mechanism". It allows our innate abilities to move us quickly and completely in positive directions, expanding beyond former limiting boundaries.

Suggestion And Motivation

Phone or Virtual

​Your session begins with a consultation and mutually agreed upon goals. The consultation is important to discuss and pinpoint your goals and desires. A unique session is then designed and tailored to your individual needs. You will also learn self-hypnosis. Expect a good experience to initiate your goals. With further sessions you will know what to expect and have further success.

Hypnosis can by-pass automatic reactions or resistance, successfully reprogram past limiting beliefs, childhood tapes, and shift this valuable energy toward your dreams and aspirations.

The truth of who you are lives here, within the subconscious, beyond your conscious limitations. The truth is that you are worthy of your dreams, your ambitions and your personal goals beyond whatever or whoever might have unintentionally programmed otherwise. 

The Healing Quest Hypnotherapy

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