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The Healing Quest

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The Healing Quest Nightly Hypnosis MP3 Programs
Echoes of Ancient Wounds Healing the Inner Child

Each Hypnosis MP3 program leads deeper into healing unresolved issues emanating from childhood. Wounds you may not even remember on a conscious level that continues patterns of behavior that feel as though you are stuck. Often we have ingrained foundational belief systems that constantly tell you things like; you are wrong, you are not good enough, you do not deserve love, success or happiness.

These deep inner feelings began when you were little.  Children need parents/guardians for love, support, nurturing, shelter, food, drink and above all safe & protected. We become negatively imprinted when these needs are unfulfilled or if a parent/guardian imposed a type of reward system, such as giving you attention or love when they approve of you or what you did, such as bringing home good grades, or doing your chores correctly, etc.  A part of us becomes deeply insecure, and as an adult seeks the approval of others. Many of our relationships can be abusive, where you put up with bad behavior, yelling, degrading you. This is what you experienced as a child, and feels normal to you though none the less hurts. You become trapped in bad relationships and do not know why.


A brief description of each of the programs


1) “Smoky the Bear,” Dealing with abdominal, digestive and elimination issues. There is a mind-body connection via your emotional being. Often physiological issues resolved and even sometime unresolved manifest as diseases & disorders.

2) Tension producing emotional states can manifest as irritability, depression, effect appetite, create anxiety and frustration. This session works on easing both emotional and physiological disturbances.                       

3) Walking in Comfort is designed to shift you from an anxiety reaction in a particular situation to a relaxed, calm response to the same situation.                   

4) Stress Response is designed to mitigate overreacting to minor stress or challenges. It helps you consciously and subconsciously chose an alternative response to usual overreaction expecting the worst. Sometimes reactions are reacting from a negative emotional state, to eating unhealthy foods, some people even break out in rashes.                                                     

5) Limiting beliefs formed in childhood, Often the childhood beliefs in the midst of trauma are the ones we revert to and do not update. These beliefs stem from very limited cognitive abilities we possess during our childhood. This session begins the updating process from unresolved issues and limiting belief systems.   

6) Our inner self, our healthy, natural self, allows for more effective orientation in time and accessing of healthy resources.

7) Garden of your life is designed to release negative self talk, especially those well rooted in a faulty past belief system. We essentially burn these self defeating ideas, beliefs and inner self talk and plant new seeds of optimism.             

8) Recovering from past wounds addresses releasing and healing past wounds in order to develop  new personal growth in the future This is especially effective for people who often feel stuck.

9) Accessing resource states addresses the conscious, unconscious and potentially deeper levels of the unconscious. Personal conflict can stem from a battle of control between the conscious and unconscious mind. This session seeks to release emotional injuries and their debris that interfere with retrieving the resource residing in our deeper psyche.

 10) Choosing states with foresight aims to utilize past learning and emotional states to increase foresight and awareness of choice for both the present and the future. Continuing to release emotional baggage.

 11) Grief relief addresses a process often called regret. This is for those who regret event or events in the past that we wish unfolded differently which often leads to a state of chronic frustration. Regret involves focusing on specifics of the past, the details. But the present and the future hold general opportunities to achieve what you want to happen…now.


As you listen to this hypnosis audio, please be mindful before you begin to make sure you are not disturbed for 30-40 minutes. You might want to hang a do not disturb sign on your door if you live with other people. Prepare yourself by making sure your bladder is empty, nothing in your mouth to prevent choking hazard, make sure your phone is on a setting where you will not be disturbed. Find a comfy spot either in a recliner or bed.

This audio is designed to be used either during the day or to go to sleep to. The advantage of going to bed listening, you may allow it to loop all night. Your mind will marinate and absorb only the information it needs to align your mind, body and yes spirit towards creating your life as an artist might, becoming inspired at just the right time & uninhibited. Have you experienced that flow before, where one thing flows into the next effortlessly, easily… Some call it the zone.  Michael Angelo once said; the statue is already in the stone, I simply remove the excess material…

This series, echoes of ancient wounds is designed to liberate you from imprints from the past, from childhood and traumas growing up. Really any trauma that hinders your ability to move forward, with only your voice in your head, not echoes of parents or teachers, friends or other family members that may have left a negative impression, or imprint.

Sometimes we don’t even realize what is holding us back, why we may hesitate or lack confidence, have bouts of depression or anxiety that seem to make no sense.

Often we have belief’s that are out moded, meaning; they do not reflect who we are in the present day. Perhaps when you were younger you were told you were not smart or attractive or capable in some way, shape or form. A part of you then absorbed this information and took it as a truth. It may have been at some point, but not now. You have grown and evolved so much since then, yet sometimes we fail to recognize that and still inside react like a vulnerable little child, believing without question what we are told.

You are now on a journey to update your foundational belief systems, and reveal your authentic self that has been covered by debris all along. The you you really are, and not the judgments of others or your decisions henceforth. Remember, you are an unending horizon, and the only limits you have are the ones you accept.

So, get comfy, prepare to relax and heal your inner child and change the dynamic & paradigm of your life allowing you to move forward comfortably, confidently and boldly, you are life unbounded. You are the master of your mind, you are the ruler of your body.  KAE

Echoes of Ancient Wounds Nightly MP3 Hypnosis & Counseling Program is $1200. and is recommended to follow Magic 21 however, can be used on it's own for awesome results.