Larry Reed
Owner, National Cash Solutions

​Kate is a shining star, her insight, passion and knowledge is a breath of fresh air.Devin Hastings
Owner at MindBody Hypnosis

​Kate is exceptional in her healing skills. I highly recommend her for any personal or professional change you wish to achieve in your life.

​Devin worked directly with Kate at The Healing QuestSusan Deems
Apparel & Fashion Professional

I am thrilled to write a recommendation for Kate. I cannot count the number of times I verbally recommend her. Her abilities and expertise are so needed in society. I have spent many years in traditional therapy along with trials of medications throughout the years which served their purpose but did not fulfill my needs. Upon my engagement with Kate, her skill and method helped me finally get the 'shift' needed to live. And I mean live. Gaining the tools to re-train and re-think how I manage my life has gifted me a peace and security I never knew before.

I am not easily swayed by anything or anyone for that matter. Our society is full of empty promises for every aspect of living to make us feel the fine print and it will state "appears to" rather than actually does. Kate is the real thing and she "actually does" all she says she can do, and I suspect even more.

​As a solo parent of three children, I have witnessed their struggles as they face living their own lives. When my youngest daughter's cutting was exposed, I didn't know what to do. I was willing to help her up to the point of admitting her to the psych ward for a week. We tried traditional treatments and medications, as that was all I knew was available, and she did improve somewhat. A year later the cutting started again, and caught me by surprise as many of the other troublesome signs were not present. As, I spoke with my daughter I instinctively knew she needed to see Kate. After a SINGLE session her intense social anxiety had dissipated so much, I was amazed!! She had a total of three sessions with Kate and is doing much better. Better than any medication could ever do! She still has to live and deal with life but now has access to tools/ways to deal with things so she can do so on her terms. What could be better for a child???

I noticed my 19 year old son acting depressed and apathetic and convinced him to see Kate as well. He has just had his first appointment and am looking forward to seeing adjustments in himself.

My children are bystanders to divorce with mental illness on their paternal side. Much hysteria was experienced in their childhood due to this and other factors. As their mother I am not able to understand how it affects them individually and I don't believe medication is the cure-all. My life changed dramatically and positively since engaging with Kate. Forever I will be grateful for crossing paths with her and ultimately providing healthy options for myself. my children and all those I love and care about.

​Susan was Kate's clientScott Boyer

President, National Document, LLC

​Kate’s knowledge and experience in her field as a hypnotherapist is tremendous. Combined with her fantastic intuition, zest to learn and passion for people she is an invaluable resource, and a wonderful person. If you are looking for a seasoned hypnotherapist or counselor, then call Kate. Her multiple abilities are amazing!

​Scott was Kate's clientMichelle Lee, CH

Founder at Athena Rising Now a program dedicated to the empowerment of women and teen girls.

​Kate’s expertise in hypnotherapy and anxiety relief is surpassed by none. I have had the opportunity to work with Kate on several occasions and each time she has exceeded my expectations in professionalism, compassion, and competence. I am a huge fan of her books, “Words that Empower”, as well as her work with the Anxiety Educational Initiative. Kate Ellis is a thought leader that I am honored to recommend.

​Michelle was Kate's clientJoan Brock

Kate is an expert in her field and I have recommended her to as many people I thought would benefit from her services. Kate has helped me and my family in countless ways, plus she is always just a phone call away.

​July 14, 2013, Joan was Kate's clientRaquel Raney
​Owner, Raneytown

​I am beyond grateful for the guidance that Kate has provided alongside my life transforming journey through anxiety and fear. I can wholeheartedly say that I owe all of my success and happiness to her and her patience, kindness and rich knowledge in hypnotherapy and the mind. Write me directly if you have any questions regarding this incredible individual.

​Raquel was Kate's clientJoseph Anthony
Owner, Personal Astrological Strategies and Information Services Consultant

​Kate Ellis is one of those rare professionals that really cares are her clients well being. She goes out of her way to help her clients overcome their issues. She is very good at her job. If you're in need of a quality professional, then Kate Ellis is for you.

​Joseph Anthony

​Joseph worked directly with Kate at The Healing QuestJohn Chaff
Clinical Hypnotherapist / Reiki Practitioner

I have known Kate for about one and a half years. She is very professional, and I have received the benefit of her skill as a Hypnotherapist . Not only do I endorse her for her amazing talents , I am also very proud and honored to call her my dear friend, mentor, and confidant. Now colleague as she has inspired me to follow my own path.

​John was Kate's clientTony March
Founder at GAIA'S GARDEN

​I wish to say that during our time spent together working on several projects I found Kate to be a highly professional individual with excellent skills in her field of expertise. I would recommend to anyone seeking guidance or advice in the field of hypnotherapy to hire Kate Ellis.

​Tony was with another company when working with Kate at The Healing QuestSally Baker
Visionary business communications expert

Kate Ellis is an extraordinary woman who is gifted and talented in a multitude of areas.

​​We reconnected after being introduced years ago, and after our conversation, where I revealed I had cancer, she recommended I see her for a session. I did, and it was the best thing I could have done for myself. All of a sudden I was fully on my A game, more focused and creative than ever. I would highly recommend anyone who feels even slightly off their A game, had cancer, or suffers from anxiety, schedule a session with her.

​Kate is one of the most interconnected person I know. Her vision for helping those who treat people with anxiety or have anxiety, is superb. 
I am thrilled to be helping her get the message out.

​Sally was a consultant or contractor to Kate at The Healing QuestCandy Nudo
Freelancing at ad agencies

​Over the years Kate has aided me numerous times. She always seems to have the exact words that I need to hear. I will continue to use Kate as long as I live. She has given me invaluable advise. I am so glad that I found her. She is wonderful.

​Candy was Kate's clientHypnotherapist
Garrett Wellness and hypnosis center

Michael (Mick) Evon

Customer Service & Sales Expert, Manager, Electronic & Computer Technician, Sound Reinforcement Engineer, and Musician

​I have known Kate for well over ten years. I have had occasion to observe her at work within a few different areas of the health care profession, and have been constantly impressed by her personal work ethic. I highly recommend Ms. Ellis for any position or project, knowing that she will get the job done with outstanding results.

​Michael (Mick) was Kate's client

As a client of Kate's for several years, I would gladly recommend her to anyone.  

Kate has helped me with weight issues and resolve personal problems with her keen perception and intuitive abilities.

Kate helped me with such as a deathly fear of water, especially putting my face under water.

I was able to conquer that fear that dogged me All my life.  My husband booked a vacation to the Great Barrier Reef, and I went diving and had the most wonderful experience.

Patricia Elton​

My experience with hypnotherepy and Kate Ellis has been absolutely positive in several issues that I struggled with. Prior to seeing her, I had panic attacks so intense and debilitating that I was hospitalized. After a week of tests, 
the doctors determined that I was experiencing 'panic attacks' and released me.​

Kate treated me with a relaxation technique fifteen years ago, and the panic attacks were over. I asked her if she could help me stop smoking. that was 1989, and I have enjoyed being a non-smoker since then, with no desire or weight gain.

I consider that her talent saved my life and saved me thousands of dollars.

There is no way to express how things such as panic attacks and smoking can imprison a person and kate has the key to release one, to enjoy life free.   

She is a blessing and I recommend her highly to anyone.

Yvonne Balala

Kate Ellis is one of the most insightful and caring people I know.

She worked with me, and her presence was like a spring of healing comfort.

I completely endorse her in any field she desires to participate in

Kamal Amin​

My life was entirely outside of my control. I was floating through life with prescription pills until the day I met kate and with the snap of her fingers I was literally saved.

PHONE: (305) 781-8484 (305) 781-8484 

Hi Kate, I wanted to take this opportunity to thank you for the  work you have done with me as your client, in helping me through your hypnotherapy techniques.

I am able to overcome many of my self imposed obstacles, and have furthered my education, also becoming a Hypnotherapist.

Now as your friend and fellow hypnotist, I would like to state that I have and will continue to endorse you and your work, to any and all, who come to me for references

Thanks Again,

Your Friend
John C. Chaff CHt

Kate is a fabulous colleague who puts her heart and soul into the work she does. She has helped many people overcome their fears and anxiety over the years and I am glad to have her as part of our profession.

Lewis Heller MD

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