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     I really liked the part in the book regarding "Core Issue", it was helpful to start with asking questions as this gives you understanding where anxiety/depression come from.  When I am having an episode of the anxiety/depression sometimes it is hard to get your brain to function or think the way it should, having questions and step-by-step answers is helpful to refocus our minds back to the here and now.  When you hear that this is something that you "CAN GET THROUGH" this by understanding how through the steps and knowledge in the book gives you encouragement and belief that you can overcome anxiety and depression with focusing and support.

I loved having all the sayings to help you focus your thoughts and retrain your mind.  I made a postcard to carry with me to help me through the days when I am having trouble keeping my mind from running.  The saying to be a "Mind Police" gives you great insight to watch your mind and what you think.  It is very hard to catch your mind but if you have saying that you can keep repeating over and over again to retrain your mind to and pull yourself out of the anxiety and depression this will change the quality of our lives. 

My favorite saying is:  Everyday in every way I am better & better. I am stronger, calmer, confident, wiser, peaceful, patient with myself and others. I am healthier in mind, body, and spirit.  SO IT IS !!!  I say this everyday many times a day.
Joan BlackEagle

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New Book Release: "You Are Not Your Thoughts" and

Second Edition of "Worrier to Warrior, Conquer Anxiety & Panic Attacks"

Metanoia Journey (n) "the journey of changing one's mind, heart, self and way of life"


     Worrier to Warrior, outlines anxiety and panic attacks, and other forms of anxiety such as OCD and PTSD. It also serves as a guide to obtain relief and remission,  to correct anxiety and panic attacks. WTW is different from other books and programs available. It is a ‘how to’ or ‘do it yourself’’ program that will enable you to understand what is occurring, insight to how the anxiety/panic attacks got started and ultimately, how to end the vicious cycle, which you may have found out only gets worse, manifesting as a panic attack and spiraling down into what is called an anxiety dis-order where your life becomes severely limited.

 In over 30 years in private practice, I have created a protocol utilizing hypnotherapy and cognitive behavioral training, that corrects anxiety and panic attacks in three sessions.  If you follow the program precisely, use the tools within, pay attention to all the specific details I point out, you will be completely successful and never have a full blown panic attack again, and manage anxieties as they occur over a life time.

This Youtube video will give you insight of the Worrier to Warrior, Conquer Anxiety & Panic Attacks book content, ideas and understanding. The seminar mentioned is not currently being offered.  htt


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Worrier to Warrior, Conquer Anxiety & Panic Attacks

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     This was a very good read!
Read it twice! Great reminders!
Beautiful pictures! Good humor !
Great learnings for the mind!
The book is good and would recommend it to others
Enjoyed! Thanks!
Linda Randell

     As I began to read, I immediately felt I was being spoken to and guided by a good friend.  I  have taken for granted things will work out if I just “do the right things.”  Your book clearly traces how our individual processes of managing our environment is not so passive, and definitely not so random.  The “What If” statements in the book were just eye-opening.  I’ll add my own here… “WHAT IF” I Live the Life I want, and not the one I’ve felt compelled to Live.  My reading lead to many “A HA” moments, and even provided a morning/night routine to manage how I (and anyone) can show up for themselves.  

“You Are Not Your Thoughts” reminds me, in fact I do have a great deal of control over my Thoughts/Life, and, as you put it, my “chemical suit.”  The progression of your concepts, ideas and examples flowed seamlessly.  They assisted me to see their relevance to my personal experiences, and how we ALL benefit IF we make simple changes, and realize all things work together for good. 

I thoroughly enjoyed reading “You Are Not Your Thoughts,” and want everyone to have the lessons I’m taking.  I know you talk about letting go of the past, but “WHAT IF” I had read this book many years ago.  That being said, I am Grateful to have the message now, and I thank you for the opportunity to share my opinion. 
Scott Holly


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 You will learn that it is your thinking that flips the “on” switch to the fight or flight or freeze response, which is your survival mechanism gone awry.

 You do not need to agree with everything I say, philosophies. Such as I will state you are a mind, body, spirit… if you take exception to the word ‘spirit’, which is energy… change the word to; ‘an electrical feedback system’.

Do pay close attention to words and language you are personally using, because they are either empowering you or disempowering you, period.  I will ask you to be the mind or thought police for a period of time, to recognized how you are  repeatedly programming yourself opposite of your desires and desired experiences in life, from solace to life success, or as the title implies; Worrier to Warrior.


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This is the Second Edition of Worrier to Warrior. With this book you create your own hypnotherapy recordings.

It is a step by step guide with hypnosis scripts and instructions on how to design your own audios.

In the First Edtion, available on the Products Page, it is a 9 piece program of books & hypnosis MP3's.

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Understand this clearly, you are not broken, it is simply a kink in your thinking process, and being YOU are the one choosing what thoughts to focus upon, you can change the thoughts that create the cycle of anxieties, and what is setting off the attacks.

You are an unending horizon, be prepared to change the rest of your life and how you experience it.

  This book is very well paced. The pictures and thoughtful quotes kept me gliding effortlessly from page to page. Realizing that you are not your thoughts is a freeing of the mind moment once it is embraced fully. This book provides methods on how to embrace this necessary concept. I appreciated the spacing of the “Five unholy words” since it kept me reading through the book to get to the next boxed off word explanation. The depth the book goes into describing what anxiety and depression are as well as ways to overcome these feelings by recognizing that most of these feelings can be attributed to thoughts that can be released is extremely helpful as well. I would recommend this book to anyone who is looking to reframe their mind in a positive, uplifting way.
Kristen Ford.

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