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1. Mind-Spa Ultimate Healing: Clears emotional baggage from the conscious and subconscious mind. Removes brain clutter, old tapes/conditioning/programming.

2.  Enhanced Flavor of Food: Weight Maintenance #1
Feel completely satisfied mentally & physically with well balanced meals.

3. Addressing & Altering Behavior:Weight Maintenance #2:
The elements such as perception, beliefs and time orientation with the aim of these patterns to effect behavioral change in line with desired outcome.

4.  Foresight: The goal is to change behavior for many issues to find solutions, emphasizing foresight, patience & flexibility.

5.  Accessing Well Being: Motivates you to greater access to well being, making healthy choices in present & future.

6.  Moving Forward, Self Support:You will access internal resources, reworking some things in life differently, for optimal results.

7.  Behaving Naturally: This addresses those who try too hard.

8.  Initiating Action: Increases awareness of pace in life and managing time.

9.  Maintaining Momentum: Sustaining change into the future.

10.  Action Beyond Planning: Addressing tendencies of those who extensively plan without ever moving from the planning stage.

11.  Behavior Over Time: Examine previous choices. We break up old patterns that tend to repeat out of habit.

12.  Modifying Impulses:We address impulsive tendencies. You will develop pacing yourself from overindulging and alternative responses.

13.  Making Change: We address tendency of holding on to old behavior patterns that have out-lived their usefulness.

14.  Matching Resources To The Situation: Creating best outcome.

15.  Life Long Learning: Identify steps in learning and the cues that allow you to combine new and old lessons. Promotes faster learning, trusting self & others.

16.  Breaking A Habit: Habits that involve unnecessary resources or actions.

17.  Becoming Self Directed: Taking initiative in spite of others and their attempt to influence.

18.  Weight Maintenance #3: Leaving past ways behind.

19.  Day Begins Before You Awaken: Creating a different perspective in the present.

20.  Roots Of Choice: Aims at early stages of decision making process.

21.  Releasing The Past:Helps release you from ruminating about the past.

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Magic 21 Ultimate Lifestyle, Body Image, Anxiety Elimination & Depression Release Program

Magic 21 is an nightly hypnosis program designed to allow permanent shifts and transition into a new level of your best self, physically, emotionally and spiritually, all while you are sleeping.

On the right is an outline of each of the 21 MP3's you will receive via email approximately every, 7 & 10 or 14 days, approximately.

Are You are ready to change the experience and course of your life. Can you imagine the place you will go... Yes.

This is an investment in you. You are worth it. Your program runs over the course of six (6) Months with personal attention to your  journey.

Everybody is unique, you may need more time between the hypnosis MP3's. Magic 21 is tailored to your needs. Of course with this kind of commitment on both our parts, acceptance into this offer participation is limited.

Magic 21 Programs are very affordable $1,500.00 That breaks down to $65.00 per MP3 & counsultation session, $130.00 for set-up & orientation.  And the best part is you have the MP3 programs to use for years to come.

​Call (480) 695-1936 or email kellis19@hotmail.com to set you up that will change the rest of your life in the most positive and healthy ways possible!


I listened to audio 1 on July 1st and right away relaxed for a very restful night sleep.

Day after things seemed different in the way I could see and feel. I didn’t feel so attached to everything. Felt more like an observer. I wasn’t as irritated with the noises or things that had annoyed me before.

The breathing twice a day is definitely a huge plus for centering and getting more oxygen in the blood.

Food: am not experiencing any cravings. Feeling full. Not even interested in anything sweet. Had been experiencing digestive issues, not feeling as gassy or sleepy. I feel more hopeful.

My responses to others are more on point. It’s easier to say what I feel as if I have more self-worth suddenly. Don’t feel as subject to others opinions or need for their permission. Feeling more empowered in my work and getting things done on my own instead of feeling so needy for help. 

Sleeping 7 to 8 hours each night. I made a new ritual starting at same time as this program to set my alarm when I go to bed for 7.5-8 hours of sleep. Just getting 30-60 more minutes each night I feel better. Feel like the hypnosis is adding to the relaxation too.


 MP3 Hypnosis & Counseling Program ~ Also See Echoes of Ancient Wounds

These Programs are available in CD format

Magic 21 Nightly MP3 Hypnosis Program

Intensive Hypnosis & Counseling:

The Magic 21 Nightly Hypnosis MP3 Program

Highlights of the program:

Your program runs approximately the course of six (6) Months with personal attention to your  journey.                                                                                   

Affordable ~Payment Plans Available

Tele-Counseling/ ​Skype Hours: 11:00AM - 9:00PM

Clinical Counseling Hypnotherapy

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