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     Two days after the last audio I was having a low energy day but needed to go to Costco to get groceries. I just left no makeup, in my yoga pants and t-shirt and flip flops…felt kinda embarrassed because I usually don’t go out like that. But it was weird. As I walked through the store it was really surreal. Everyone was smiling at me, including other shoppers. Then it was like there were several men who were around every corner. Then in the checkout line the guy behind me was talking to me about my avocadoes and everyone processing me out was out of the ordinary friendly. Usually when you go to that store there’s so many people rushing about and stressing…the experience really stood out to me as out of the ordinary.

Other experiences with people feels like there’s less between us, like people are more present with me. Being present is something that I have done a lot of work in and notice when people are not so present, so it’s felt good.

Feeling more relaxed in life, not as stressed.

Looking forward to the next session. dv

     I have had no desire to use eye blinders to sleep since first tape. I have used them to sleep for 12 years. A wonderful side affect. Have had no chocolate since 2nd tape. Buying and eating healthier. More re energy. Getting projects done I been putting off. Thank you for this program and benefits I am receiving. Blessings, RS

     I am doing well. Eating more protein and vegetables. I am being as active as my knees will let me. Pain, does slow me down. I feel very strong and a anxiety free. Many projects getting done. Not putting things off any more. Very happy. rs

     I've noticed quite a few things, esp this past week.
First, with the second program, I tend to " go under" much more quickly than the first. I find a floating feeling while my body feels as though I don't care to move it, I'm so blissfully relaxed. Also, I have not been able to make it through the second one awake one time. I know you said
this doesn't matter, so I'm not concerned. I am not waking up in pain everyday as I used to. Taking a pain pill with coffee used to be my normal breakfast. Now I sometimes don't need one for several hours. My appetite is greatly decreased, I'm, at times, needing to take the time to make a meal to ensure I'm eating properly. I'm walking to the store instead of driving, the other day I opted to walk home from the baseball game instead of having my son drive me home.
Anxiety I had with work has greatly decreased. I had just started buspar prior to this program, but I'm hoping to be able to wean off of that then start looking at decreasing my Prozac with my doctor. I'll see her in 2 weeks.

     I have not had to take any xanax. My sleep is fantastic, even with all the added work stress I've had added to my load.
I'm a true believer in this!! I feel so much lighter, happier when I wake up, more positive. Thank you.  ds

     Weight loss journey. My friend Angie said if you leave food on your plate you will never be fat. My weight today was 212. last night i listened to the first mp3 made by kate ellis. at 11:00 am, i opened the refrigerator and my mind started talking to me about cheese. do you need the cheese on you egg. oh, course. oh not really. “do you need the cheese on the egg”. my mind asked me, “ do you need the cheese on the egg” at least four times. i did not put cheese on the egg was a final decision. i put cholula on the egg and i did not miss the cheese! HA HA  vs

     I had a dream last night......more perhaps like a revelation or hopefully a light upon my deep feelings of low self esteem/inadequacy/fear.
I saw myself as a boy sitting with a man. I'm not sure if it was my father. I think this man actually had lighter hair (my Dad had dark hair).

What i do know is that whatever was said, it explains everything. It was either this man telling me I was useless, or him telling me about someone else telling me that I am. I remember trying to wake up so I could remember exactly what happened. It might have also been me sitting with someone whom I felt I could never be like - happy/successful ectIt was brief yet obviously powerful.  sb

I listened to session 2 last night and as with the other, fell asleep quickly. Slept well and have been a little more focused/calm since Tuesday.  sb

15.  Life Long Learning:
Identify steps in learning and the cues that allow you to combine new and old lessons. Promotes faster learning, trusting self & others.

16.  Breaking A Habit:
Habits that involve unnecessary resources or actions. Positive emotions are tied to new behavior that changes patterns.

17.  Becoming Self Directed:
Taking initiative in spite of others and their attempt to influence. Overcome autocratic treatment of self. Focus on self directed behavior.

18.  Weight Maintenance #3:
Leaving past ways behind. Fine tuning new ones of lifestyle and accessing states & behavior that bring positive change.

19.  Day Begins Before You Awaken:
Creating a different perspective in the present, permitting more flexibility in thinking & breaking old habits and replacing them with new more effective ways of behaving.

20.  Roots Of Choice:
Aims at early stages of decision making process. Better understand ingredients that precede decisions. Recruit more useful resources that will enhance effectiveness of decisions, developing deeper insight and increase foresight of greater clarity about self, options and goals.

21.  Releasing The Past:
Helps release you from ruminating about the past, letting go of past and extract beneficial content so you can move on into the present and future more effectively.

8.  Initiating Action:
Increases awareness of pace in life and managing time. Encouraging looking within at details below the surface to seek a natural pace, neither too fast or too slow. Unpleasant emotional states are identified and relied on to provide energy which can be used to motivate change.

9.  Maintaining Momentum:
Sustaining change into the future. (1) Maintaining change so it becomes permanent.(2) Addressing natural concerns of newly implemented lifestyle may fade or vanish.(3) Continuing to deepen & expand new personal lifestyle.

10.  Action Beyond Planning:
Addressing tendencies of those who extensively plan without ever moving from the planning stage, especially for perfectionists. Converting raw energy of frustration into actions towards goals.

11.  Behavior Over Time:
Examine previous choices. We break up old patterns that tend to repeat out of habit. We remove old paths and allow new routes in direction of choice.

12.  Modifying Impulses:
We address impulsive tendencies. You will develop pacing yourself from overindulging and alternative responses.

13.  Making Change:
We address tendency of holding on to old behavior patterns that have out-lived their usefulness. Addressing resistance & hesitation to let go of old patterns & openness to new ones.

14.  Matching Resources To The Situation:
Creating best outcome. We address those who have a tendency to force-fit behavior & need to prove competency & feelings of incompetence & fears of outcome. We create an open mindedness & flexibility that allows better outcomes.

Clinical Counseling Hypnotherapy

The Healing Quest

1. Mind-Spa Ultimate Healing  Balance brain chemicals & hormones. Relieves procrastination, anxiety (*for those with panic attacks, often resets the fight/flight/freeze response often eliminating panic attacks) depression, low energy, resets circadian rhythm (sleep cycle) improving the quality of sleep. By clearing the mind of unnecessary baggage, it creates a clean slate to in-put lifestyle changes.

2. Enhanced Flavor of Food: Weight Maintenance #1 Relax desire to snack in between meals and begin shifting eating out of nervousness, tenseness, boredom, frustration, depression or anger.

3. Addressing and Altering Behavior: Weight Maintenance #2 Incorporates flexibility, balance, self protection for those who do not place themselves at center or as a priority, with many obligations such as family, work and who overextend themselves. Aim; activate foresight & better organize daily schedule.

4.  Foresight:
The goal is to change behavior for many issues to find solutions, emphasizing foresight, patience & flexibility. Embracing these 3 skills, solutions comes to your awareness.

5.  Accessing Well Being:
Motivates you to greater access to well being, making healthy choices in present & future mentally and physically. Drawing naturally occurring forms of how the subconscious looks out for one's best interest, unconsciously guiding to greater well being.

6.  Moving Forward, Self Support:
You will access internal resources, reworking some things in life differently, for optimal results.

7.  Behaving Naturally:
This addresses those who try too hard, releasing internal/personality issues of placing too much pressure on self in every area of life, allowing you to express yourself naturally without worrying what others think and relaxing your own self doubts.

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