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The benefits are you can use your session in the privacy of your own home, or in a place in which your attentions are not required, such as on a plane or hotel room. Of course you would never utilize your CD or MP3 in a car you are driving, or as background.  This IS a Hypnosis Session, so it MUST be used responsibly.

The success of my clients is due to the one on one approach of our sessions.  
Does hypnosis CD's work?  Yes they can!  Generalized hypnosis sessions can help many people indeed.  However, my practice is not based on what I call a 'cookie cutter' approach.  Each session is created and tailored to the individual issues client's present.  We are all unique, and sometimes a 'general' approach only deals with some of the issues, not all.

Your Personal CD or MP3 Hypnosis Session

Affordable ~Payment Plans Available

Office Hours: 1:30PM - 9:00PM Every day


Length of orientation and your personal requirements vary, you may need a single session, you may need a series of sessions as you continue to improve.

Often your initial cost is $85.00  This is for the orientation, creation of your session, shipping and handling.

Personal CD or MP3 Sessions

With a Personalized CD or MP3 session you have the benefits of an orientation/interview just as you would at the office.  This is done by phone, Skype or through emails.  Your session is then created and mailed or emailed within 3-14 days, depending on what part of the world you hail from.