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It is optimum to have over the ear headphones, however, as you will be listening to the MP3's exclusively at bedtime, if this becomes uncomfortable, no worries. Earbuds may be used or nothing at all. If you have a partner with whom you sleep with, prepare your partner and let them know that you are undergoing the program, and you will be going to sleep listening, and to not disturb you. There are suggestions that normal sound will not disturb you. Only if an emergency occurs will you respond. In that case; simply pause the program, attend to the issue, do a reset button breath and then hit play. You do not need to start from the beginning, unless you want to.

Use your hypnosis session only at night/bedtime. Your psyche basically marinates and absorbs all information necessary for it to effortlessly and naturally make adjustments of belief, behavior and perception. You may listen to your MP3 up to 3 nights but not night after night. Perhaps listen to it the 1st night, the second then wait at least 3-4 nights if you choose to listen to it a 3rd time. Understand that the subconscious mind will not pay attention to anything not for your highest good. If there is anything that does not pertain to you, the mind will slough it off.

Prepare to be comfortable while listening to the hypnosis MP3's. Go to the bathroom, make sure nothing is in your mouth when you lay down to prevent choking hazard, become as comfortable as possible, don't be afraid to change your body position while listening to your program, it will actually improve the quality of your experience, as it is your job to be comfortable, I will take care of the rest. Be mindful not to cross your ankles to prevent cutting off circulation and creating a distraction of pins n needles sensation.

There is nothing really you can do wrong working with your program. To enhance qualities, use your 5 senses to visualize, hear, feel, taste, smell what is described. Remember what I described to you during our orientation regarding what you will experience being hypnotized.

How to use your MP3 Audio Hypnosis Sessions for Optimal results

The benefits are you can use your session in the privacy of your own home, or in a place in which your attentions are not required, such as on a plane or hotel room. Of course you would never utilize your audio in a car you are driving, or as background.  This IS a Hypnosis Session, so it MUST be used responsibly.

With Customized MP3 (audio) sessions you have the benefits of an orientation/interview just as you would at the office.  This is done by phone or Skype. Your session is then created and emailed within 24hrs- 3 days.

The success of my clients is due to the one on one approach of our sessions.  
Does hypnosis audios work?  Yes they do!  Generalized hypnosis sessions can help many people indeed.  However, my practice is not based on what I call a 'cookie cutter' approach.  Each session is created and tailored to the individual issues client's present.  We are all unique, and sometimes a 'general' approach only deals with some of the issues, not all.

Your Personal MP3 Hypnosis Sessions